Greensboro Trial Lawyers and Bail Part One

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Greensboro trial lawyer Chad Garrett spends much of his day discussing bonds and pre-trial release with his clients and their family members.  To clarify the different bonds a Greensboro criminal charge may carry, here is part one of a legal chart to assist you.




  • Written Promise to Appear
  • Custody Release
  • Unsecured Bond
  • Secured Bond
  • House Arrest with Electronic Monitoring


No Right to Bond

  • Fugitives Facing Death or Life Imprisonment
  • Governor’s Warrant
  • Criminal Charges + Involuntary Commitment
  • Health Control Measure Violations
  • Military Deserters
  • Parole or Post-Release Supervision Violations
  • Probation Violations + Pending Felony Charges
  • Probation Violations for Charges Requiring Sex Offender Registration
  • Capital Offenses


Bond May Be Denied

  • Methamphetamine Offenses
  • Drug Trafficking
    • Gang Offenses