Greensboro Traffic Ticket Lawyer Explains Insurance Points

In Criminal, Trafficby GWAO

Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer Chad Garrett explains insurance points in the chart below.  Insurance points determine the costs you pay if convicted of a traffic ticket.  This is on top of court costs and fines!  If you have been charged with a traffic ticket, call the Greensboro Traffic Lawyers at 336-379-0539, today!



Passing Stopped School Bus20-2174
Aggressive Driving20-141.64
Reckless Driving20-1404
Hit & Run (Property Damage Only)20-1660, 1 or 3*
Following Too Closely20-1522
Running Red Light or Stop Sign20-1581
Failure to Yield (To Motor Vehicle)20-1581
No Seat Belt20-135.2A0
Speeding20-1410, 1, 2 or 4**
NOTES*3 if damage > $ 3,000;
1 if damage is $ 1,800 or less and driver has 1+ moving violations within 3 years;
Otherwise 0
**4 if 80+ in a 70 or > 75 in 65 or less;
2 if between 65 and 75 in a 55 or is > 55 in a 55 more than once within 3 years;

1 if 10 MPH or less over in 55 or less;
0 if 10 MPH or less over in any zone and no prior moving violations within 3 years