Top Rated Greensboro Traffic Lawyer Discusses License Points

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Top rated Greensboro traffic lawyer Chad Garrett always stresses the difference between insurance points and license points.  License points are different than insurance points  Insurance points cost money;  license points can costs you your license!


Passing Stopped School Bus20-2175
Aggressive Driving20-141.65
Reckless Driving20-1404
Hit & Run (Property Damage Only)20-1664
Following Too Closely20-1524
Running Red Light or Stop Sign20-1583
Failure to Yield (To Motor Vehicle)20-1583
No Operator’s License20-73
No Insurance20-279.213
No Seat Belt20-135.2A0
Speeding20-1412 or 3*
NOTES*3 if the speed is > 55 MPH or occurs in a work or school zone;
Otherwise 2