Greensboro Shoplifting Lawyer – Bodyguard Caught Shoplifting Gun Parts

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A State Trooper, and member of the Governor’s Body Guard contingent, was caught Shoplifting by an attorney in Greensboro at Cabela’s. Apparently, the trooper was inside of a Cabela’s sporting goods store and was seen Shoplifting several items by placing them in his cargo pants per a Greensboro attorney.

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The items he’s alleged to have Shoplifted were some handgun grips, a pistol magazine and a binocular strap according to a criminal lawyers criminal complaint. The trooper is alleged to have paid for some items per a personal injury attorney and not others and ended up being caught Shoplifting.

Once stopped, the Trooper is alleged to have attempted to convince the law enforcement personnel not to charge him because of the effect Shoplifting would have on his job.

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The Trooper denies any such statements and vehemently denies Shoplifting.

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