Greensboro Shoplifting Lawyer – Shoplifting Suspect Drives with Man on Car

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A store security guard watched as a 50 year old man concealed two drill bits inside of his coat pocket in a Shoplifting attempt. He was standing in line to purchase other items and when asked about it, the man denied Shoplifting and got in his car. Two security guards approached the man at his vehicle with one guard standing behind the car to prevent the Shoplifter from backing up. The Shoplifting Suspect backed up and the guard jumped on the bumper and held on for dear life. The Shoplifting Suspect drove 5 blocks and pulled into an alley with the guard still hanging onto the car. The Shoplifter punched the guard in the face and police arrived and arrested the man. He was charged with Shoplifting, Misdemeanor Larceny and Aggravated Assault and Battery.

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