Greensboro Felony Lawyer looks into Recent Spike in Firearm Violence

Greensboro Felony Lawyer looks into Recent Spike in Firearm Violence

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Greensboro, NC has seen an unbelievable increase in gun violence in 2019. The Greensboro Police Department has advised that as a result of the increase in violent crime that they are adding more uniformed officers to problem areas in the city. Our Greensboro Felony Lawyer is looking into a lot of these cases, the statistics involved with these firearms, and what may happen here in the future.

Since Jan. 1, there have been 17 murders within Greensboro, and 11 of those homicides have been gun-related. The police chief advised that the citizen of Greensboro will see a far greater number of officers around the city, with a focus on illegal firearms.

Greensboro Law Enforcement has advised that they’ve seized more than 500 illegal guns from the hands of convicted felons and those who shouldn’t have those firearms. They’ve advised that the police work within the city has been helpful, but it’s been the Greensboro Community that has assisted with tracking down more of these dangerous firearms.

Greensboro has teamed up with ATF located in Georgia, to process shell casings and bullets from crime scenes. But the increase in Possession of Firearm by Felon cases in Greensboro has been extreme.

Police have been unwilling to state that the spike in gun violence is due to gang violence, however, they stated that the Greensboro shootings are far less random than they used to be. Our Greensboro Felony Attorney is advising a lot of our clients on their firearm cases and we’ve also seen a spike in our office on firearm related charges.

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