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Can a Greensboro DWI Lawyer Help You in Court?

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Can a Greensboro DWI lawyer help you in court? Yes, they can!

A Greensboro DUI lawyer can certainly help get through the court process. It is not recommended appearing on your own – landing in front of the right Judge, with an attorney with the right reputation, is half of the battle!

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Prior to appearing in court, your Greensboro DWI attorney will ask you to bring several things with you. Each of these things, if applicable in your case, can make the difference between a successful defense or mitigation, verses jail time or loss of a license.

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Some of the things an experienced Greensboro DUI lawyer will ask you to bring to court:

☐    Letter, on agency letterhead, that that clearly states the number of hours of community service performed, and that the agency is a 501(c) non-profit, signed, by an agent of the non-profit, and including their contact information.

☐    Alcohol Assessment

☐    Certificate showing the completed assessment classes

☐    DL-123 (proof of insurance on a special, specific form) dated within 30 days of the court date

☐    Work letter, stating the days and hours you work, on company letterhead, or, if self-employed, a self-employment affidavit stating the days and hours you work.

☐    $100 cash for the driving privilege

☐    Inpatient Treatment Paperwork, including initial assessment you received prior to entry, completion certificates, and most importantly, a clearly written letter, on the agency’s letterhead, indicating the dates of attendance and acknowledgement that it is for inpatient treatment

☐    Money for court costs and fines, if you wish to pay them on your court day.

☐    Any other information / paperwork that you feel is important, such as positive a recommendation from your employer, a letter from an AA sponsor, etc.

Call the skilled Greensboro DWI attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson at 336-379-0539.

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They can explain what these items are used for, and determine the best path toward winning your DUI case. We look forward to helping you!