Greensboro Divorce Lawyer on Interpretation of Child Support Guidelines

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Greensboro divorce lawyers are noting a recent Court of Appeals opinion on crediting health insurance premiums when calculating child support under the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. In Orange County ex rel. Lacy v. Canup, the Court of Appeals found that the trial court had committed reversible error by giving the father a dollar for dollar credit against his child support obligation for the monthly amount he was paying for his child’s health insurance premium. Our Greensboro child support lawyers know that this amount should have been prorated between the parents based on their respective incomes. The Court of Appeals affirmed the remainder of the trial court’s order, including its calculation of the mother’s monthly income. The trial court correctly counted money received from gifts and from the sale of personal property as income to the mother. If you have questions about what is considered income for child support purposes or how to calculate child support under the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, contact our Greensboro family lawyers today to set up a consultation.