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Greensboro Federal Criminal Lawyer looks into Federal Criminal Case involving Doctor

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Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyer has been looking into a recent jury trial involving a doctor and a pain clinic. A 36 year old doctor was recently convicted of drug distribution of over 500,000 schedule II controlled substances.

It is readily apparent, that Federal Authorities are working very hard to track down doctors prescribing opiates throughout the United States. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been heavily involved in working to find doctors who prescribe the most opiates.

The dilemma with a lot of these investigations is that people are dealing with chronic pain, and very soon there will not be a doctor that will prescribe than anything due to a concern of criminal investigation. If a doctor is working to prescribe suboxone which is a substance to ween a person off of opiates, they must also treat the patient and can’t force the patient to do anything. If the patient still wants opiates then the doctor doesn’t have a choice. With the current Criminal Prosecutions of these physicians, we’re about to see a major shift in the way that doctors practice medicine.

You will most likely not see many more pain clinics and the dilemma is that the level of heroine overdoses is going to increase because they are going to go to the streets to seek relief. Often street-level-drugs are intermixed with other substances, which sadly cause death.

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