Greensboro Shootings

6 Greensboro Shootings in 18 Hours – Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyer looks into the issue

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Recently, Greensboro has seen a major uptick in violent crime. Just last week we had 6 shootings in 18 hours. Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyers look into why this is happening and what’s to be done.

On just an ordinary Monday evening, shots ran out all over our great city. 3 people were shot in six shootings. These Greensboro Shootings have caused a lot of our communities to be afraid to go outside this summer.

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Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyers have represented a lot of shooting cases. One thing we’re finding is that the issue with a lot of these shootings, is victims and witnesses are non-cooperative. These makes it especially difficult for the DA’s office to prove these cases, and in a lot of instances, it’s almost impossible for them to charge because of the lack of cooperation.

Our Greensboro Criminal Attorneys do everything they can to help people with their cases. Whether it’s a Greensboro Shooting case, or a Greensboro Criminal case, we’re to help.

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