Greensboro Shooting at BP on Gate City

Greensboro Shooting at BP on Gate City – Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyer is ready to help

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The Greensboro Police Department responded to an alleged shooting at 7:30 PM Wednesday evening. They found one victim at the scene that was sadly pronounced dead. Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyer is looking into the case.

The case is now being investigated as a Greensboro Murder case. Greensboro Police are currently searching for a vehicle that fled the scene with the hope of tracking down the suspect in the shooting.

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Greensboro Shooting cases appear to be more and more common as time goes by.

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Our Greensboro Lawyers represent a lot of shootings and they too have seen an uptick in the number of calls with reference to shooting cases.

Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyers are here to help you and your family if someone happens to be under investigation for a shooting or even charged with murder. Our Greensboro Murder Lawyers work hard to explore every possible avenue to success with your case and we’re here to help. Contact our Greensboro Lawyers today!

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