Greensboro DWI Attorney Explains .08

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Greensboro DWI Attorney Explains .08 and its complexities.

Greensboro DWI Attorney Chad Garrett explains .08 in these terms:  it only takes 3 beers.

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“Ignore the ‘science,'” Chad  Garrett says.  “Three beers, over the decades, has proven to be enough to get an individual to a .08, the legal limit.  The test I recommend is this:  every beer is a .

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“Craft beers with higher alcohol content have made this an even more dangers proposition!”

Greensboro DWI attorney Chad Garrett explains .08 BAC daily to clients and lawyers;  he teaches and publishes about NC DWIs and DUIs.  Contact him today, he would be happy to answer your questions, and returns every call every day!

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