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Can a Greensboro Traffic Ticket Attorney Save Parents High Insurance Costs?

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Can a Greensboro traffic ticket attorney save parents high insurance costs? Yes, we can!

Young drivers can costs their parents a tremendous amount in insurance costs. If they are charged with a speeding ticket, running a stop sign ticket, or any moving violation. The potential costs sky rocket! Under provisional license statutes, the drivers may also lose their licenses until they reach a certain age, causing further stress and financial burdens on their already over taxed parents.

Greensboro traffic ticket attorneys must look closely at their young client’s records. They must stay up to date to assure that the driver does not receive any more tickets during their period of representation, so there are no negative surprises.

If you are a young driver on a provisional license, it is highly recommended you hire a Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer. Tell them your name, age, and let them know if you hve ever been charged before and immediately let them know if you are charged again.

The North Carolina statutes, N.C.G.S. 20-11(n) & 20-13.2 and 20-13, are important to know. They map out how, for provisional licenses, a second (or third, etc) conviction of a moving violation within a year can result in a suspension. Thankfully, two convictions from a one event totals just one conviction.

You can get a hearing from the DMV, but the before the DMV uses their power to suspend, as they may “suspend with or without a preliminary hearing.” No matter how unfair, as long as you are aware and remain in contact with your Greensboro traffic ticket attorney you can get ahead of the suspension. It is possible for parents to make a request for a probationary restoration, but the DMV “may wait until one-half the period of suspension has expired to hold the hearing.”

If you or your child are driving under a provisional license, contact a Greensboro traffic lawyer if charged with any moving violation. Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson’s Greensboro traffic attorneys are here to help!