Garrett, Walker and Aycoth Wish You a Safe Christmas Eve

In Business, Criminal, Employment, Family, Home, Personal Injury, Trafficby GWAO

While there is plenty of negative news on traditional media sites, here at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth we want to wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas Eve.

For many of our attorneys, Christmas Eve is their favorite day of the year.  It is the first chance to step away from court, and concentrate on wrapping presents and sending love to our family and friends.

We also recognize certain drama and stress comes with the holiday season.  If the weather or heavy traffic causes a car accident, or personal injury, or a DWI or even a criminal charge, we are here for assistance.  Stress often leads to domestic abuse or the need for 50-B restraining orders, or child custody or family law concerns.  Even employment law stresses can lead to conflict.

We sincerely hope you and your family have a peaceful season;  however, if you need us, we are here to help restore the peace.  Call us at 336-379-0539.