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Gaining Independence on Independence Day

In Family by Greensboro Attorney

With our Nation’s Independence Day fast approaching, your local Greensboro Divorce Attorney thought it’d be perfect timing to speak on gaining independence from a broken marriage.  Those really tough days of fighting, bickering and pettiness can sometimes feel like you’re locked in captivity.  If you’re considering breaking free, then it’s important to get some good advice before doing so.  Independence is yours for the taking (unless you’re actually being held captive by your spouse, which is actually a crime)!

Some fear leaving an unhealthy marriage for financial reasons and the fear of being unable to support oneself alone.  Some people don’t put an end to an unhealthy marriage out of concern for the well being of the children. Sometimes people do not leave because of the general uncertainty of what life looks like afterward.  More often than not, reasons for staying are based on a combination of these and other well-founded concerns.  People often view hurdles to their liberation as complete barriers.  Even if you’ve not yet decided if divorce is your answer, allow one of our resident Greensboro Divorce Attorneys to at least shed some light on the questions you have with a consultation.  We’re happy to answer your questions in an effort to help you decide whether the timing is right for  divorce.  If the timing isn’t right, we’ll help identify some issues to address in order to protect/prepare yourself for the future.

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