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Can a Greensboro Defense Lawyer Protect You From Being Arrested?

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Can a Greensboro defense lawyer protect you from being arrested? Yes they can!

A Greensboro criminal defense attorney can certainly prevent you from being arrested through several tools, including consent bonds and preset bonds, and even fighting with law enforcement to convince them of a person’s innocence.

Sometimes the actual arrest cannot be avoided. For example, people are often set up by others in order to make sure they are arrested. Vindictive individuals will call law enforcement to let them know where a person with an outstanding warrant will be, so they arrive to a fully uniformed police officer and handcuffs.

An experienced Greensboro criminal defense lawyer can, as we did today in this exact situation, create and execute a consent bond. A consent bond sets a predetermined bond, usually a written promise to appear, so that a person does not have to remain in jail until making bond, or worse, if it is a domestic hold, be held for forty-eight hours before even receiving any kind of bond. The person can be immediate released.

A Greensboro criminal defense lawyer can truly help you at any stage of the arrest or trial. Do not hesitate to call us, we are happy to help and even answer your questions. We are always truthful and will aggressively pursue your vindication in every matter. Call Garrett Walker Aycoth and Olson at 336-379-0539 today!