Greensboro DUI Lawyer or a Greensboro DWI Lawyer

Do You Need a Greensboro DUI Lawyer or a Greensboro DWI Lawyer?

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Do you need a Greensboro DUI lawyer or a Greensboro DWI lawyer?

They are one and the same!

In North Carolina, a Greensboro DUI attorney and a Greensboro DWI attorney are the same. Other states differentiate between a DUI and a DWI – North Carolina’s legislation has changed all references to impaired driving to DWIs – “Driving While Impaired.

“Driving Under the Influence” is an older reference to impaired driving cases solely involving alcohol. Other states still define the law this way. But the more accurate way to describe the current state of the law is to describe the crime as “DWI,” because the impairing substance is jus as likely to be drugs than alcohol.

An experienced Greensboro DUI lawyer or DWI lawyer can tell you that these days, there seem to be just as many cases involving both illegal and prescription drugs as there are cases involving alcohol. However, there is no baseline evidence of “guilt” for substances other than alcohol (.08 Blood Alcohol Level is the legal limit in North Carolina).

This fact leads Greensboro traffic lawyers, who are not afraid to aggressively try cases, to study the effects of all classes of drugs. The State of North Carolina has law enforcement officers who are “drug recognition experts (DREs),” and we have to be match them knowledge for knowledge in order to cross-examine them at trial.

If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, contact the experienced Greensboro traffic attorneys at Garrett Walker Aycoth and Olson.

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