Employee Pay Lawyers

The business world is rife with horror stories about botched paychecks and misunderstandings about hours, wages, or deductions creating enormous liability for employers. While it is true that both the federal and state government have stringent laws in these areas, the reality is that in many cases these laws can protect employers too, even allowing you to minimize your obligations.

The most well-known laws in this area are unquestionably those regarding overtime and the minimum wage. However, as an employer, it can be crucial to operations to know both the bright-line rules and exceptions. For example, many different classes of employees are exempt from the standard minimum wage law – but there is danger here. Some exempt employees are entitled to a higher base wage. Tipped employees must still ultimately make the minimum wage, with the employer obligated to cover the difference if their hourly wage and tips don’t do it alone. Some groups of employees don’t start qualifying for overtime pay until they reach a higher threshold of hours worked. While the North Carolina Department of Labor provides strong basic coverage of these areas, only a licensed attorney can help you apply their generalized rules to your business in a way that avoids legal pitfalls and creates financial and operational advantages.

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