Business Guidance


Today our country’s largest businesses often hire a dedicated attorney or create and staff an entire department to ensure legal compliance at all phases of their operations. Often, they will even have one or more attorneys sit in on board and management meetings to guide them through the legal minefield blocking the path to their goal.

While it creates enormous value for them in terms of protecting their interests and ensuring lawsuits are avoided, it also fosters an imbalanced marketplace, where those who already have the most are able to bully or outmaneuver those that might upset their position by intruding on their target market.

At Garrett, Walker & Aycoth, we want to help your company change the game on a level playing field and we look forward to helping businesses like your have access to the quality legal services that isn’t always available outside of large corporations or enormous law firms. We offer affordable fees to provide on-site legal advice at your board meetings and strategy sessions or to consult with your key decision-makers about how to best proceed with a tricky business decision that carries legal implications.

Call us today at (336) 379-0539 or contact us to schedule a free, in-depth consultation before your business heads down a road riddled with legal landmines.