Can a Greensboro Traffic Attorney Explain The Difference Between Judges?

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Can a Greensboro traffic attorney explain the difference between judges? Absolutely!

Judges are sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of North Carolina. The are elected by the citizens of Guilford County, and serve as either District Court Judges (Misdemeanors and Infractions) or Superior Court Judges (Felonies and Misdemeanor Appeals).

A Greensboro traffic lawyer will usually practice law in front of a District Court Judge. District Court Judges have jurisdiction over misdemeanors and infractions, which constitute the majority of traffic cases. Some traffic cases, such as Felony Death by Motor Vehicle, or Felony Hit and Run, may be charged as felonies and thus fall under the jurisdiction of a Superior Court Judge.

Judges can impact the clients of a Greensboro traffic attorney more than any other person in the court house. They have power over continuances, setting court costs and fines, and sentencing, which can range from a fine all the way up to three years in prison for a misdemeanor DWI offense. A Greensboro traffic lawyer must be aware of which Judges may be harsher than others, and which Judges have specific concerns or pet peeves. Even the time of day or size of the audience can impact a Judge’s decision!

It is always a good idea to hire a Greensboro traffic lawyer before going to court. The same case in front of different Judge may mean the difference between jail time or not, between losing your license or not, or even between a higher fine or even no fine! The only way to have peace of mind, and to ensure that everything that could be done on your case was researched and evaluated and fight for, is to go to court with a Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer or a Greensboro DWI lawyer or Greensboro DUI attorney representing you, as only those traffic attorneys can assure you that you are in front of the right Judge!