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Deadly Pedestrian Accident per Injury Attorney

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Walking the street can be an easy or a difficult thing depending on the street. Peters Creek Parkway is one of those roads that on a tad-bit of the dangerous side of things. Our injury attorney in Greensboro was advised that 38-year-old Crystal Bennet was walking across the travel lanes when she was hit by a car. Our car accident attorneys were advised that she was outside of the crosswalk at the time of the car accident.

This being said, additional investigation may be necessary, because who’s to say.

The driver of the other vehicle remained on scene and was cooperative with the investigation. Our top rated accident lawyer was told that the woman died at the scene of the car crash.

Our top rated family lawyers send up their thoughts and prayers for this woman, the driver of the vehicle and their families during this difficult time. Stay safe Greensboro!