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NC Cracks Down on Alcohol Offenses per Lawyer

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Criminal Lawyer Greensboro

The North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency claims it arrested around 300 people this weekend as part of a Halloween crackdown on businesses. 286 people received over 700 charges as part of their operations per a criminal lawyer.

They executed 13 search warrants, seized guns, drugs and made arrests on a number of felony, misdemeanor, alcohol and drug charges according to our drug lawyer in Greensboro.

Twenty-Five businesses were in violation of Alcohol laws according to the ALE. A North Carolina business lost it’s license this weekend when an investigation found that the business was a front for distributing drugs throughout the city according to a criminal defense attorney.

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The ALE employs 108 agents across the state of North Carolina and as time has gone by they have become more and more diligent and aggressive in their operations and investigations.

Our top rated criminal lawyers handle a lot of the criminal charges and have managed to suppress evidence in their cases. We recently suppressed the stop in a major firearm case, due to an issue for the reason of the stop.

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Our client had all of his charges dismissed as a result of our suppression motion.

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Contact our top rated criminal defense lawyers if you or someone you know has criminal charges in Greensboro, High Point or Asheboro. Stay safe Greensboro!