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Car Collides With Tree Leading to Death

In Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

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There can be almost no more important activity for getting places than driving. But it’s vital to pay attention at all times, because at the rate of speed we’re moving, it doesn’t take much to cause a serious injury and even death. A Greensboro lawyer at our law firm was advised that a single car accident claimed the life of a North Carolina man.

The driver veered off the road for a reason unknown at this point according to investigators and then crashed into a tree. The car accident claimed the life of one of the people in the car according to a car accident attorney in Greensboro. Our personal injury lawyer was told that two others were taken to the hospital with serious personal injuries.

We’re yet to receive an update on their status, but will continue to keep you informed as more information becomes available. There’s a lot going on in Greensboro, NC, but let’s not let the worries of this world control us to the point that we lost track of what we’re doing. Stay safe and our Greensboro attorney is here for you.