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Clubs May Be Required to Provide Extra Security

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With homicides reaching new highs, the Greensboro Police Department is looking at new methods for combating the violent crime in our city. A Greensboro attorney at our law firm has been advised that they are now pushing efforts to put more stringent measures on local clubs and bars where violence has occurred.

Police continue to respond to acts of violence at local night clubs.

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Local clubs have had a reduction in capacity due to the coronavirus. Also, it would seem that the stress of the COVID pandemic has caused a lot of stress locally. Whether it be jobs, childcare, income, etc.

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These things coming together has brought a deadly mix to Greensboro, North Carolina according to family law lawyer.

The mayor if proposing an entertainment ordinance for all places that serve alcohol, including restaurants. The ordinance would focus on incidents, and the steps that the city will require should an incident occur.

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Our Greensboro lawyer has been told that after an incident, the bar / club will then be required to hire additional security at the establishment with an effort to keep the business safe. Also, the hope is that more people working security could scare off those who otherwise may become violent from doing so.

The mayor hopes to have a conversation with local businesses to discuss these issues prior to enacting the ordinance. Our criminal lawyer will keep you informed as to updates on these changes, but with the sheer volume of violent crime in our city, it would appear that proactive steps in some direction must be taken to safeguard the public from further shootings, injury and even death.