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Can Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorneys Explain What Options A Defendant Has For Bonds And Pretrial Release?

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Can Greensboro criminal defense attorneys explain what options a defendant has for bonds and pretrial release? Of course!

There are a few different types of bonds that a defendant may be required to abide by. The defendant’s rights in terms of pretrial release can be very complex due to the many exceptions to the general rules. Therefore, if you have a specific question about pretrial release or bonds, you should contact a Greensboro criminal defense lawyer today to fully understand all of your options.

A defendant will have at least one pretrial condition imposed upon them before they are released. The first option is a written promise to appear, in which the defendant need only promise that they will appear not their set court date. The second option is a custody release.

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The third option is an unsecured bond, in which the defendant is held liable for a breach of the bond’s conditions. This bond is executed before a court without a deposit or lien on property.

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The fourth option is a secured bond, which must be backed by a cash deposit in the full amount or another method of equal significance (such as a mortgage).

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The last option is house arrest with electronic monitoring. A judicial official will decide which one of these best fits the situation. Sometimes multiple conditions may be imposed. If you have further questions about one of the pretrial conditions, you should contact a criminal defense attorney today!

There are exceptions to the general rule of imposing these. For example, fugitives facing death or life imprisonment have no right to pretrial release. Different exceptions also appear for people charged with domestic violence, offenses involving a child victim, firearm charges, or new charges that occur when a defendant is already on pretrial release. For a complete list of exceptions, or for more information regarding the exceptions listed above, you should contact a Greensboro criminal defense attorney today at 336-379-0539; we are here to help!