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Can Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain What To Wear For Sentencing?

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Can Greensboro criminal defense lawyers explain what to wear to sentencing? Of course!

Many people wonder whether wearing business attire may gibe them a better chance of receiving a more favorable sentence. While one may think that the overall answer is “no,” the real answer is “possibly.

” Most of the time, dressing for court is something that you should seriously consider before going. Wearing nicer clothes can be a sign of respect to the court and to the presiding judge.

There are sometimes specific guidelines given for how to dress. For example, there may be notice given to you about the appropriate attire, or a judge may simply ask that all shirt tails be tucked in upon entering the court room.

If there were directions such as this gives you should definitely follow them. If you choose not to dress according to what the judge asks, this can often be a sign that you are not taking the processing seriously. Which, in turn, may affect the way that the judge thinks about your situation. If you have a defense attorney, you should ask them what is appropriate to wear to court before your sentencing.

The same goes for jury trials. There are reasons that people who are not able to post bond before their trial are allowed to be dressed in something other than their prison uniforms in front of a jury. Wearing jail or prison uniform has an effect on the way jurors asses the innocence of defendants. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to wear nice clothes while you’re in the courtroom, you should always take advantage of it!

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