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Can Randolph Criminal Defense Attorneys Explain What DART Is?

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Can Randolph criminal defense attorneys explain what DART is! Yes, of course.

First and foremost, DART stands for Drug Alcohol Recovery Treatment. North Carolina has two state-run residential programs. Specifically, they are community based residential chemical dependency programs.

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One is DART Cherry, and the other is Black Mountain Substance Abuse Treatment Center. DART Cherry is for men, while Black Mountain is for women. For more information on either of these programs, you should speak with a Randolph criminal defense attorney today.

So, when does someone go to a DART program?

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Participating in one of theses residential programs can be ordered as any part of probation. For example, it can be ordered as part of probation for a DWI. It is not ordered as part of an active sentence. it is for probationers and parolees. Therefore, prison inmates will not be at DART Cherry or Black Mountain. These programs are residential therapeutic communities. There are no fences, and residents stay in dormitory-style rooms.

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So, technically you could leave and go when you wanted to, but it would most likely be a violation of your probation.

These programs are 90 day programs. This can be extended sometimes depending on when you get there and when the next class begins. Additionally, you can attend multiple times. It is understood that sometimes the first time may not be the charm. Lastly, one of themes important aspects of theses programs is that it may count for jail credit. Therefore, if you are a defendant and have enough suspended sentence time, this option may be best for you. For more information on when these programs are best for specific defendants, do not hesitate to contact a Randolph criminal defense attorney!

If you think that going to a DART program may be your best option, consult with a Randolph criminal defense attorney today for help with your case. The attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson are here to help! Call today at 336-379-0539.