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Bruce Springsteen Charged with DWI

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Greensboro DWI Lawyer

DWI’s come in a number of varieties, however it’s not every day that they effect The Boss. Initially, charged with Driving While Impaired, our Greensboro DWI attorney looked further into the case and it would appear his Blood Alcohol Content was only .02, which is far less than the legal limit of .

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08.  A Super Bowl ad which featured Bruce Springsteen was removed from Jeep’s YouTube Page after the incident.

Springsteen is 71 years old, is claimed to have said to have had only one shot of tequila before driving his motorcycle.

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He pulled over and took pictures with fans at a Federal Park and while there a fan and he took a single shot of tequila in front of law enforcement officers. Park Police immediately pulled him over when he was leaving the gathering.

Our Greensboro DUI lawyer looks at this situation as a bit of a head scratcher. Unless there was some further restrictions within the park about drinking alcohol on park premises, we’re confused as to how he was charged with DUI.

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Our top rated lawyers in Greensboro NC are looking into this case. Our hope is it will be rectified soon, and if he wasn’t intoxicated above the legal limit, let’s fix this immediately!