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Murder Charges after Woman Found in Suitcase

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We’ve heard of horrific situations, and even seen comedy movies involving body parts in duffel bags, but recently in North Carolina, there were body parts found in a suitcase and it was all too real. Our Greensboro attorney has been advised that two people have now been arrested in connection to a pregnant woman being found in a suitcase.

And sadly, yes, you read that right a pregnant woman was found in a suitcase. Our top rated lawyers in Greensboro were told that it all began when the pregnant woman had gone missing. Reports of her whereabouts circulated and crews eventually found a suitcase on the side of the road.

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Upon searching the suitcase, they found her body.

Our lawyers in Greensboro said this of course started a murder investigation as they knew that she didn’t get there on her own. Law enforcement followed up with people she was in previous relationships with and those leads turned up empty.

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However, our attorney in Greensboro was advised that they were able to make two arrests. As of this point in time it isn’t entirely clear as to their connection to the woman.

They have been charged with murder, murder of an unborn child and concealment of a body.

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Our Greensboro criminal lawyer is interested to see what happens with this case as more information is made public.

Our Greensboro family law attorney sends out her thoughts and prayers to all who have been effected by this tragic development. Stay safe Greensboro!