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UPS Driver Killed Downtown

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A shooting on Wednesday has now claimed the life of a local UPS driver according to a Greensboro attorney. It was around 2:30 PM, and 23-year-old Dylan Wall was delivering packages. Witnesses have claimed they heard around 7 gunshots.

Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer has advised that he was injured and received treatment at the scene and then was rushed to a local hospital. Members of a local SWAT team arrived and after a brief standoff the man who is accused of killing the UPS driver was arrested. The alleged murderer, Stephen Bynem, is 30-years-old.

Our Greensboro criminal lawyer reports that he has now been charged with murder. The UPS driver was known as a family man with a young son at the time of his most unfortunate murder.

The thoughts and prayers of our Greensboro family lawyer goes out to his wife, his child, his family and his friends.