Attorneys Thank Greensboro Courthosue

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A personal blog from Attorney Chad Garrett

It is no secret that our firm has worked hard to maintain the high quality service to our clients as we faced, as individuals and as a firm, several positive and negative life changing events in the last few weeks.  We have been blessed with new family members, a new marriage, a new office, and the unfortunate complications that come with the wonderful changes to our family, even as we lost some members of our family, as they reached the end of their long (89 healthy years!), wonderful and influential life and influence on us all, and myself personally. Our Greensboro attorney is here for you.

You know YOU are our family – our clients, our peers, prosecutors, Judges, clerks, and court house members.  We just wanted to take a moment, and thank you all for your kindness and patience, and reaffirm our promise that we will never tire of working hard, never tire of fighting for our clients and our friends, never fail to appreciate the support, prayers and love we have received from those we know to be our best friends, our fellow defense attorneys, our fantastic prosecutor staff, the never appreciated enough court house and prosecutor’s staff, the best clerks in the state, and our Judges, who continue to show the leadership and compassion that makes them the leaders our court system need. The personal injury lawyer at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson is prepared to help you with your car accident in Greensboro.

Although we still need patience, prayers and positive energy, we wanted to take a moment and reflect, and thank everyone – you are all loved, you are all the Garrett, Walker and Aycoth family.