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Woman Shot & Hit By Car per Greensboro Attorney

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A woman was shot and then hit by a car in Greensboro, according to a Greensboro attorney. Police were called to the scene of a possible assault and found the woman in the road with a gunshot wound.  Our top rated attorney in Greensboro was advised that the person who hit her with their car remained on scene for purposes of the investigation. Our Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer was told that the driver of the vehicle would not be charged with any part of the car accident.

The woman was taken to a local hospital where she later died according to a personal injury attorney in Greensboro. Police do not believe being hit by a car is what caused her death, they currently are operating under the understanding that the gunshot wound is ultimately what killed her. She was only 33 years old.

Our top rated family lawyer sends up their thoughts and prayers for Ms. Keyoka Robinson and her family during this difficult time. Stay safe Greensboro.