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Woman Arrested in Murder of 5 Year Old Child

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This story all begins in a terrible fashion, as a 5 year old boy was riding his bicycle when he was shot and killed on Aug. 9, 2020. A 25 year old man was arrested and charged with murder on August 10, 2020 according to our top rated lawyers in Greensboro NC.

A 21 year old woman was arrested today and charged with accessory after the fact to murder. She was placed under a $250,000 bond per a bond motion attorney in Greensboro NC. Our criminal lawyers in Greensboro NC will continue to keep you updated on this case.

A GoFundMe for the family has raised more than $810,000 in support of the family for which they are still beside themselves. The mother is requesting the death penalty for this crime per a felony lawyer in Greensboro NC.