Greensboro Criminal Lawyer looks Into Man Charged with Indecent Liberties

Greensboro Criminal Lawyer looks Into Man Charged with Indecent Liberties

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It seems child sex crimes have taken the media by storm as of late. Whether it’s R Kelly and his transgressions which have now worked their way into Federal Court and he’s been placed under no bond. Then there’s Jeffery Epstein and his crimes, who was also placed under no bond in federal court because he’s been, “soliciting and receiving massages from young girls and young women perhaps as many as four times a day” and his attraction to young girls “appears likely to be uncontrollable.” Child sex crimes are at the forefront of our culture, and rightfully so, especially given the fact that these crimes affect the part of our society who deserves to be protected the most.

Then we have the latest Greensboro Sex Crime. A Greensboro man was arrested due to an allegation from an 11-year-old girl. The girl alleged that Charles Keith Jones committed indecent liberties with her and he was taken into custody on Thursday. No further facts was released to local media, but Mr. Jones was placed under a $75,000 secured bond and he’s scheduled to make his first appearance on Friday.

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