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What do Greensboro Traffic Lawyers Advise You To Do During a Traffic Stop?

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What do Greensboro traffic lawyers advise you to do during a traffic stop?  First, take a deep breath, it will be OK.

First, it is OK to be nervous, whether you have been pulled over once before or a thousand times.  Blue lights behind you are always a nerve raking experience!  For your safety, and the officer’s, make sure you know how to conduct yourself by speaking to a Greensboro traffic lawyers today!

The first thing you should do is slow down, and look for a safe area to stop on the right side of the road.  If there is not a safe place to pull over, slow down and turn on your hazard lights to make sure the officer knows that you have every intention of pulling over. Cut of the car engine once stopped, roll down the window, and place your hands on the steering wheel where they are visible. Back seat passengers should do the same.  Disclose the presence of any weapons in the car, even if you have a lawful carrying concealed permit.  If you have questions about the lawful possession of a gun or knife during a traffic stop, and what your rights are, please talk to a Greensboro traffic ticket attorney today!

The officer should identify themselves, produce identification or have if visible displayed on their uniform.  Unmarked cars can be discerning; if you are pulled over by an unmarked vehicle and are worried that the officer is not actually a police officer, you can call 911 and they can verify if the officer is a real police officer. For more information about police identification requirements or undercover / unmarked law enforcement cars, you should speak with a Greensboro traffic ticket attorney.

If you are seeking information about traffic stops, whether you have specific questions or general thought, call a Greensboro traffic ticket attorney, they are a great resource.  The Greensboro speeding ticket attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson know the answers, and truly care about every individual client.  Call at 336-379-0539 today; we are here to help!