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Can a Greensboro DWI Lawyer Defend You If The Police Took Your Blood?

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Can a Greensboro DWI Lawyer defend you if the police took your blood?  Absolutely!

Blood tests are analyzed by the State of North Carolina’s Crime Lab.  They take a few months to be returned to the court, where the results may be detrimental to a positive result.  An experienced Greensboro DWI attorney may be able to suppress the results of a blood test, preventing the State from using it against you.

If you are worried about a high alcohol content being reported by a pending blood test, and you wish to avoid having to put an interlock on your car, then you may seek a judge who may accept a plea without the blood results.  Trials will always be deferred until the blood is returned.   Be aware, however, if the State seeks a continuance, N.C.G.S. 20-139.1(e2) forces a judge to continue the case.  This statute, if you read it closely, applies to circumstances in which the analysis has been completed and the State seeks a continuance so that the analysts can be present to testify.  The State cannot have unlimited continuances to actually preform the analysis, so if attempted, a skilled Greensboro DWI attorney will challenge the State’s power.

If the DWI is disposed of prior to the return of the blood, the testing itself must be canceled.  This will prevent any question of the $600 testing fee being assessed against the defendant, as well as any unintended results being forward to the DMV, who would use the result even after the case’s disposition to require an interlock device for all blood results above a .15.

If you wish to challenge the blood result of a DWI, contact a Greensboro DWI lawyer today.  Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson’s experienced Greensboro DWI attorneys are here to help!