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UPS Driver Held at Gunpoint & Tied Up per Best Lawyers in Greensboro

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A driver of a tractor-trailer for UPS was stopped at a red light around 3:30 AM. Out of nowhere a person hopped into the cab of the vehicle and pointed a gun at the driver according to the best lawyers in Greensboro North Carolina. The person forced him to drive to an apartment complex.

Once at the apartment complex the person with the firearm forced the driver out of the truck. The tractor-trailer was full of packages from UPS according to criminal defense lawyers in Greensboro. That’s when another vehicle showed up at the scene and proceeded to take packages from the truck and place them into their own car.

They tied the truck driver hands and drove off. Our criminal attorneys in Greensboro NC, believe the people will be charged with assault by pointing a gun, larceny, kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon and perhaps possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, if any of the people involved are convicted felons.

Around 1/5th of the packages in the tractor trailer were stolen. UPS was alerted that the truck was behind schedule, so they began to track the vehicle. Workers found the driver in the trailer unharmed but tied up. The driver is safe and the best criminal justice lawyers in Greensboro NC believe they have leads to who committed this crime due to local surveillance video.

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