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5 Killed in Shooting Spree According to Lawyer for Criminal Charges

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Lawyers for Criminal Charges

Just before 5:30 PM, shots rang out and then proceeded to happen from one place to another. Our lawyers for criminal charges, were advised the first shots were at 5:25. Three people were shot, two of which sadly, were killed. Our criminal defense lawyers in Greensboro, see that the suspect would be charged with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and murder.

Then around 5:31, the suspect gained entry into a business. He chased people inside and fired shots and fortunately no one suffered personal injuries as a result. A van was set on fire behind the building and they believe the man set the fire according to our lawyers in Greensboro.

Then at 5:45 PM, another man was shot and killed inside his home not far from the previous shooting incidents. Then around 5:49 PM, police tracked down the suspects vehicle. They initiated a stop, but the vehicle refused to pull over. This led to a high speed chase and felony flee to elude. The suspect opened fire on the police and disabled one of the police cars, but fortunately no one was injured in the gunfire.

Officers eventually cornered the vehicle, but the suspect got out and fled and continued to shoot at the police. He then ran to tattoo shop and killed someone inside. Our top rated Greensboro lawyers were told that they tried to stop the suspect again and he opened fire on them.

He ran to a nearby hotel and shot and killed the hotel clerk.  Police continued pursuit and ended up shooting and killing the suspect to put an end to the carnage. Our Greensboro attorney has seen a lot of brazen cases, but this was by far the worst recently.

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