Greensboro Speeding Ticket Lawyer – Traffic Ticket Sting results in 84 Citations in 3 Hours

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State Police ran a 3 Hour Traffic Ticket Enforcement Campaign, where they issued 110 Traffic Tickets, including 79 Speeding Tickets. Others were ticketed for not moving over for emergency vehicles, Failing to Wear a Seat Belt and also Texting While Driving according to a personal injury attorney.

Police say they hope to run similar Traffic Ticket Operations in the future, and that those that receive tickets could receive points against their license, which could end up leading to their Driver’s License being Revoked.

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Also important to note is that these Traffic Tickets include Costly Fines, especially the Texting While Driving Charge per a top rated lawyer in Greensboro NC.

With increased costs of Speeding Tickets and other Traffic Violations, it is important that if accused, you need to offer a strong defense to the accusations according to our law firm. If you receive a Traffic Ticket in North Carolina, you to understand the potential consequences of a conviction for the offense.

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Too many tickets could result in the loss of your Driving Privileges.

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You should contact our experienced Traffic Ticket Attorneys to learn more about Speeding Tickets and the effects of a Conviction on your Driving Record and Driver’s License per a speeding ticket lawyer.

Contact our Lawyers if you receive a Traffic Ticket in Guilford County or Randolph County – Greensboro, High Point or Asheboro.