Traffic Ticket Quota Results in Major Lawsuit

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The LAPD had a Traffic Ticket Quota Scam which resulted in 11 LAPD Officers suing the city. The City agreed to pay $5.9 Million Dollars to the Officers which were punished for failing to meet Traffic Ticket Quotas per a top rated lawyer in Greensboro NC. The Police Department denies having had quotas but rather, as most police precincts state, the officers had productivity Traffic Ticket Goals.

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In North Carolina, including of course Greensboro, High Point and Asheboro, Traffic Ticket Quota systems are illegal according to a Greensboro attorney.

Motorcycle Officers were required to write 18 Traffic Tickets each shift.

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Of those 18 Traffic Tickets, 80 Percent of those Traffic Tickets had to be for Major Traffic Violations.

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The Officers who did not meet the Traffic Ticket standards, claimed they were reprimanded, denied overtime, given bad schedules or otherwise harassed if they failed to meet the Traffic Ticket Quotas.

The Los Angeles Police Department spokesman claims that though merely writing Speeding Tickets was not enough, there was not a quota system under the law.