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Traffic Lawyer looks at Alarming Numbers

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Greensboro Traffic Ticket Lawyer

In what has been a crazy year, COVID included. But in all of the craziness one thing we may all be looking over is the numbers when it comes to traffic related deaths. Our Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer says we’re averaging almost one traffic related fatality per week this year. So far in 2021, we have had 31 fatalities in 30 car accidents.

Our Greensboro car accident lawyer doesn’t know why this is. Was it that people weren’t driving as much last year and are now rusty from the break? Or is that people are all dealing with more stress due to the pandemic and perhaps their minds aren’t on the road? Our Greensboro attorney is trying to figure out the cause because 1 life lost in a car accident is too many.

9 of the people killed have been pedestrians killed while crossing the street. Typically our Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer sees that speed is a major factor in most accidents as people cannot slow down in time to avoid them. Also, our Greensboro DWI lawyer reports that impairment is another major cause of traffic related fatalities. Our Greensboro seat belt lawyer has seen quite a few drivers not wearing seat belts in these deadly car accidents.

To put the number 31 in perspective, for all of 2020 we only had 36 traffic deaths and in 2019 we had 34. If we break the year into quarters, we’re 3 quarters of the way through and averaging greater than 10 per quarter. Meaning we’re set to have greater than 40 traffic fatalities this year according to Greensboro wrongful death lawyer.

Our attorney in Greensboro believes it’s important to take note of the fact that not are people speeding but they’re driving way faster than is normal. People are driving in the 120’s on the interstate. And with students heading back to school Greensboro is launching a speeding enforcement campaign for the next two weeks. Our speeding in a school zone lawyer has been advised that there be both marked and unmarked cars watching school zones vigilantly to protect our students as school starts back.

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