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School Shooter Arrested per Greensboro Attorney

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Greensboro Attorney

In what was a harrowing day for our entire community, a shooter at a local high school has been taken into custody without incident according to a Greensboro attorney. Hearts sank early Wednesday when reports of a shooting at a local high school rang out.

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Our top rated attorney in Greensboro said that parents were sent into a panic with everyone wanting information with little available.

Officers rushed the scene and sadly found one student dead as a result of the shooting. Our Greensboro criminal attorney was told that the alleged shooter fled the school before they arrived leading to a manhunt. Law enforcement eventually found and arrested the teen.

But what has our criminal attorney in Greensboro perplexed is what caused the shooting? Based on reports it would appear this shooting was targeted because it was focused on one student, but why?

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We know a family is reeling and wondering why their child is no longer here. Initial reports were all over the place, possible gang-related shooting, over a relationship, the shooter was bullied by the other child, and a host of other reasons.

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Our Greensboro family law attorney hopes that one day the family receives the answers as to what this was all about. Right now our attorney in Greensboro keeps them in his thoughts and prayers. Stay safe Greensboro!