The True Costs of Greensboro DWI Attorneys

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Billboards, newspaper articles and blog posts espouse the high monetary cost of a DWI charge.

It is important to break down the cost to your client, or, if a judge, to the defendant.

The media suggests that the true cost of a Greensboro DWI Attorney and fees is $10,000. In reality, that is a number designed to create fear, and yes, hopefully prevent potential offenders from driving under the influence.

Any good attorney or judge should break down the true costs of a DWI conviction. Court costs, $190 plus an extra $20 if not paid the day of court, jail or community service fees, a $100 DWI fee (i.e., tax), and a fine imposed by the court. The majority of DWIs would rarely reach four figures, let alone approach five.

There are of course, the indirect DWI costs, including an alcohol assessment, education or treatment, driving privilege(s), insurance costs, attorney fees, etc. Each of these things should be addressed in order to educate the client or defendant on what to expect, rather than as a fear based punishment factor.

Punishment for a crime is valid; debtors prison is not.

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