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SUV Accident results in Wrongful Death of 3

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In a rather sad news update, an SUV wreck resulted in the loss of life of 3 North Carolinians this morning. At or around 3:15 AM, police say an SUV crashed into a tree. A personal injury attorney in Greensboro NC was told that all three passengers of the 2012 Jeep Cherokee lost their lives as a result of the wreck.

Upon further investigation, according to a wrongful death lawyer in Greensboro, the two front seat passengers were wearing their seat belts. The backseat passenger was not according to a car accident attorney in Greensboro NC.

Police believe excessive speeds contributed to the crash as they were driving down Liberty Drive.

The driver lost control when it spun 180 degrees and started heading in the opposite direction when it crashed into the tree. All three of those involved in the crash were in their early 20’s.

Our family law attorney in Greensboro sends out their thoughts and prayers to all of those related to and who knew those involved.