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Suspected Rapist Arrested Per Attorney in NC

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Attorney in Greensboro

A 31 year old man is now in custody after being criminally charged with raping an 11 year old girl. The child was receiving a welfare check when they found out she was 8 months pregnant according to an attorney in Greensboro.

During their investigation they found out information about the suspected father.

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They traced him to another state that apparently he fled to with a 9 year old girl per our family law attorney in Greensboro. Law enforcement is happy to report that their investigation did not find any evidence of abuse with reference to that child. A criminal lawyer in Greensboro NC at our law firm received word that the man was arrested and has been issued a $250,000 bond.

Our top rated attorneys in Greensboro NC will continue to keep you updated with reference to this case. Our law firm is here for you!