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Student Hit By Car per Top Rated Lawyer

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Top Rated Lawyer in Greensboro

North Carolina is a contributory negligent jurisdiction when it comes to accidents. That means if you contributed to your own harm by even 1%, you won’t be able to recover. Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro has seen so many accidents that were very much the other driver’s fault have the claim denied because the person told the insurance agent they had some fault.

Questions, such as could you have avoided the accident, if you say yes, then it could very well be a bar to recovery according to a car accident lawyer in Greensboro. An NC State student was involved in a car wreck where a vehicle collided with him. He told the insurance agent that he could have sped up or slowed down but may have created further danger in the parking lot. Because of this initially the insurance company denied his claim. However, once a top rated car accident lawyer became involved in his case, the insurance company changed it’s tune and paid out. The man is now able to repair his car and move on with his life.

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