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Street Racing Leads to Death per Accident Attorney

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Need for Speed and Fast and Furious have forever glamorized the concept of speed racing on the American people. And though street racing dates back since the advent of the car, our Greensboro attorney has seen just how dangerous it can be.

Two cars were racing when a vehicle pulled out in front of the one of the cars.

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The racer collided into the car and it flipped over, meanwhile the racers car crashed into.

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stone wall. The parents of the four children who pulled out lost their lives in this terrible car accident according to a personal injury lawyer.

The pastor of the parents said they were devoted in their faith and their lost is a difficult one for the church community. Our wrongful death attorney in Greensboro has been advised that a racer also lost his life in the car accident.

Local residents advised that the area of the car accident is known for racing per a Greensboro car accident attorney. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of all involved.

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