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Stealing Catalytic Converter Causes Death

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Stealing catalytic converters from vehicles is a big thing across the US right now because of the value people can receive at salvage yards. A man had apparently jacked up a vehicle so he could steal the catalytic converter when the jack failed.

Our Greensboro criminal lawyer has been advised that the man was under the vehicle at the time and he was crushed.

Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer reports that the next day an employee showed up for work and found the man crushed underneath the vehicle. The man died from his personal injuries.

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise according to a Greensboro larceny lawyer. In some parts of the United States in 2020, these thefts are up 400% compared to 2019. Hundreds of arrests have been made across the country for Felony larceny charges.

Our Greensboro felony attorney reports that there are even catalytic converter rings popping up. A recent operation to discover one of these groups led to the arrest of 19 people, 250 catalytic converters recovered and 0,000 cash.

A Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer advised that recently during a felony flee to elude situation, a truck crashed into a swimming pool killing both the driver and passenger. Inside of the truck police found a catalytic converter and the power saw they believe to have been used to cut out the converter.