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Standoff Continues according to Top Rated Lawyer

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Top Rated Lawyer in Greensboro

It all started with a domestic disturbance yesterday around 9 PM. Law enforcement was called to the scene and our top rated lawyer in Greensboro was advised that a man then barricaded himself inside of the house. The local SWAT team has been called to the scene and our family lawyer in Greensboro sends up her thoughts and prayers for all who are involved.

Our personal injury lawyer in Greensboro is yet to be advised of any injuries or any shots fired. Law enforcement went to the door and bashed it down but the man is still yet to come out of the house. Neighbors have reported to our top rated criminal lawyer that they have been unable to get to their homes because of the police blocking off the area.

Here’s to the safety of all who are involved.

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Stay safe Greensboro!