Speeding Ticket Increase on Battleground Avenue – BEWARE!

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Lawyer in Greensboro NC

The Greensboro Police Department is increasing a brand new traffic enforcement campaign on Battleground Avenue for our attorney in Greensboro. This campaign will be extremely similar to what took place on Wendover Ave. in 2013 as our personal injury lawyer is a bit frustrated with the circumstances.  Enforcement will include speeding tickets, DWLR, Running Red Lights, Stop-Sign Violations, No Insurance, Reckless Driving, Expired Registration, Unlawful Window Tint Violations, Passing Stopped School Buses. Please contact our Greensboro Traffic Lawyers if you happen to be stopped as result of the new traffic enforcement on Battleground Avenue. Our Greensboro divorce lawyer is also available should you have other legal matters that need to be addressed.